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PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited (“PwC”) in partnership with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (“FICCI”) and jointly referred to as “Organisers”, are hosting a program for startups called “LevelNXT” (‘Program’), the link for which is available at LevelNXT (hereinafter referred to as ‘Site’).

The applications for this Program commenced from 17th September 2018 and the last day of submission was 21st October 2018 (“Application End Date”). Participants will be required to follow the instructions provided on the Site as indicated in the competition information. Participants may be required to provide details of themselves and their organization as indicated on the Site. Organizers will not be responsible for problems or technical malfunction of the Site, servers, computer equipment or any software or failure of any entry due to any such reasons (including any third party failures or interference) on account of technical problems or traffic congestion of the internet or Site or any combination thereof.

Participation Entry (Eligibility Criteria)

Participation in this Program is voluntary.

The Program is open to entities considered as startups organized under the laws of India (“Participant”) as per the defined rules laid down by the Department of Industry Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Government of India;

It would be mandatorily required for the startup to have a registered office within the geographical location of India, having a preferable minimum revenue of INR 1 Crore with a visibility of INR 5 Crore over the next 3 years to reflect their growth. However, the revenue criteria shall not be extended to companies in the biotech and defence sector.

The address provided by the Participants with their entry ("Entry") may be used to send any communications, hence Participants remain responsible to make sure the address provided for communication is up to date and correct.

It is clarified that employees of Organizers or any associated company of Organizers and their immediate families, persons connected with the Program and their immediate families i.e. prize sponsors, newsagents, wholesalers & their agents are not eligible to enter the Program. By entering the Program, Participant hereby warrant that all information submitted by it is true, current and complete. Organizers reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all Participants.

Only one entry per Participant is allowed.

Organizers will not be liable to reimburse any expense incurred by the Participant in making an entry in the Program. All costs, including without limitation all transport costs, accommodation and other related costs incurred by the Participants (the term participants for the purposes solely of the present term refers to individuals taking part in the

Program as part of a team or on behalf of a legal entity) as a result of and/or pursuant to their participation in the Program shall be solely borne by the Participants.

All taxes, insurances, transfers and any other expenses as the case may be with respect to the Prize, will be the sole responsibility of the winner of the Program.

Organizers will not be responsible for any entry, prize, claim or other correspondence that is late, lost, altered, damaged, incomplete, illegible or misdirected (whether or not after their receipt by the Organizers due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Organizers. Prior to submission of the application on URL, the Participant agrees to the following:

The Participant expressly confirms and represents that they have read these Terms and Conditions in relation to registration and participation of the Program, the selection and evaluation criteria, details on usage, collection, retention and sharing of personal and company data.

The Participant further acknowledges and consents the usage of data by Organisers, for evaluation, communication and as maybe required, from time to time, in promoting the objectives of the Program. However, for purposes of clarity, it is explicitly stated and acknowledged by the Participant that any submission /idea /presentation/information/documents from the Participant is entirely voluntary, non-confidential, gratuitous and non-committal.

The Participant confirms that they are not breaching any law or violating any third party rights by participating in this Program and shall accordingly be liable to the extent as applicable under law. Further the Participant acknowledges that during the course of the Program, if the Participant is found to have infringed any third party rights under applicable law or subsequent to exhaustive evaluation, the Participant shall be bound by the decision of the Organisers.

The Participant shall not have a right to object any decisions of the Jury (defined below) and no appeals shall be considered, as the decision shall be unanimous and binding on the Participant.

Participants shall submit their application before the Application End Date, by completing the registration form and requirements, along with the associated supporting documents and content [Incorporation certificate, Pitch f. Video, Pitch Deck and Product demo (optional)] in the application form URL and providing the required information as per the application form.

Organizers and Jury reserves the right to disqualify any Participant if it has reasonable grounds to believe that a Participant has breached any of these Rules.

The Participants agree to the following:

  • The Organisers will shortlist candidates’ applications based on the eligibility criteria, to determine the Participant’s eligibility to the next stage of the Program.
  • The shortlisted Participants will be announced vide an individual mailer
  • Participants selected for the in-person pitch in their selected road-show city, will be judged by jury members, as appointed by the Organisers, who have prior experience in the relevant field whether industry or academia (“Jury”).
  • The language of communication under this Program (verbal and written) shall be English only.
  • The application submitted by the Participant shall: abide by the requirements reflected under these Rules.
  • Not contain any demeaning, abusive, profanity, hate speech, obscenity, etc.
  • Not violating any laws of the land including intellectual property of any party or person in any manner. The Participant shall be solely liable for the violation of the same.
  • Shall not contain any offensive, defamatory, indecent, abusive content, pictorial representation or language that can in any manner be deemed as offensive by any section of society or prohibited under any religion or law. The participant shall be solely liable for the violation of the same.
  • Shall not contain any confidential data, patent details, internal business strategy pertaining to any company, if presented it is at your sole willingness and either parties i.e., PwC, FICCI or CNBC are not responsible for the confidential information provided.
  • Organisers are not responsible for the confidential information provided.