The Story So Far

17 Sep

Curtain Raiser

A curtain raiser event was held in Delhi on 17th September announcing the opening of the application process.

Delhi - 17th Sep 2018

24 Sept


A series of multi-city roadshows were held across the country to spread awareness about the programme.

Bengaluru - 24th Sep 2018
Mumbai - 08th Oct 2018
Hyderabad - 09th Oct 2018
Chennai - 24th Oct 2018

28 jan

Final Pitching

Top 30 applicants from across the country made their final pitch in front of the grand jury at Bengaluru on 28th Jan 2019.

Bengaluru - 28th Jan 2019

05 mar

Grand Finale

Top 10 start-ups will be announced at the grand finale at Bengaluru.

Bengaluru - 05th Mar 2019